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Making Serious Profit

You as a Freelancer looking for tasks
  • You have a skill/service to offer
  • Register on Omezah
  • You Post a service you offer
  • Clients who need your service contact you
  • You both discuss using our chat user interface, about the client’s project and reach an agreement
  • Your customer pays for the task upfront
  • Omezah securely holds this money until job is indeed completed
  • You keep communicating with client as you work hard to deliver the best
  • You deliver to the client
  • Client reviews and accepts your delivery
  • Omezah releases your payment to you

How To Start Hiring

You as a job owner who needs a Freelancer
  • You need a Freelancer to help you with a task
  • Come on Omezah to Search for Freelancers who offer the service/skills that your task requires
  • Choose from variety of freelancers
  • Communicate with the freelancer and reach an agreement
  • Purchase the service from this Freelancer
  • Omezah securely holds your money for you until job is indeed completed
  • Wait for him/her to deliver the job
  • Review the delivery
  • Accept the delivery 
  • Omezah releases the payment to the Freelancer

Getting Into Business

Focus on Your Work & Team
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